Monday, March 15, 2010

A List of Happy Things (Even Though it is Monday)

So, since it is a horrid awful miserable bothersome Monday, I thought I would make a list of things which are Not So Bad and even downright Excellent.

1. Baby glass Coke bottle: So, as a companion to my large beautiful glass Coke bottle vase, my room mate's elder* brother who visited this weekend got a small classic Coke at a restaurant which he was kind enough to bestow on me. I haven't gotten any flowers for it yet, but my larger Coke bottle's Daffodils and Tulip are rapidly wilting so a flower expedition is sometime in the future.

2. Light Blue Ink: So my parents were paying attention when I gave them my Christmas list because I received a Pelikan fountain pen that is currently my pride and joy. I ran out of my black ink today and changed the color to a delightful light blue, certain to make note taking more enjoyable.

3. Yarn Shipment: Well, the aforementioned shipment of yarn from JoAnn is making its way across the land of the free and the home of the brave. This source of happiness had become, momentarily, a cause of anxiety as the last fedex location at which it had stopped was in Wisconsin on Friday. However, much happiness abounded at the tracking update that it had as of this evening arrived in Sacramento. Hurrah! It shall get a post of its own when it arrives.

4. Macaroni and Cheese: As a part of a goody bag of a friend's birthday party (actually, one of my future apartment mates for next year's apartment) I received a box of Annie's Aged Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese. It was easy to make and very delicious. There is a little bit still in my fridge making me happy, because it will also be a tasty snack later. In other cooking news, I managed to make French Toast on Saturday morning, which was eminently delicious. I was very proud of myself, although apparently it is very "hard to screw up"... at least I have not failed at that.

5. Free Perfume Sample: In my boredom I decided to go and look at free smaples on the internet because free things are awesome. I found a free perfume sample for Escada's Marine Groove, which sounds suspiciously like fish. While I, for one, would never name a perfume after annything marine due to the very peculiar and memorable odor that one so often experiences at the seaside, there can be no harm in getting free perfume. It will arrive in the mail, sometime, purportedly, hopefully after I have forgotten about it.

6. Boba: Not as in Fett, but as in tea. Today I had my first glass of the strange milk tapioca tea called Boba. It is a taste treat. although a little odd. Either way, it was not a doughnut and it was equivalently satisfying.

7. Sunshine!: The weather was warm and beautiful today, even allowing me to spend an hour in towel and bathing suit questing after that eminently desirable golden skin hue that once graced my complexion.

8. APARTMENT: It is an expression to save the best for last and so I have... because last week on Thursday I and my two future room mates put down a security deposit for our apartment. Yes, OUR apartment. Even more distracting than boyfriend, friends, creative mind squiggles and inspirations, is the prospect of interior decoration. Shopping my belongings for the best suited will be difficult, perhaps, but thrift store bargain hunting, IKEA, Target, and perhaps even colors of paint at Home Depot await my beauty starved mind. O to have a lovely living room in which to repose! O to have a kitchen to expand my culinary adventures! A bathroom with a door that locks and a glorious tub! To be sure, many design-y and interior decoration updates lie in wait. I. Am. Thrilled.

To the little things, to the future, to sleep and dreams and love and life. A toast. Good eve.

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  1. this is absolutely adorable. did you do these little drawings yourself?! so cute. <3