Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Organizey Tuesday Eve

Well, it has been a while.

Spring Break was rather lovely and very little got done...except I have started a new secret project! Details of which will be posted at a later date when the secret-ness of it is no longer necessary. And actually, the idea for another secret project is bubbling away in my brain. That one shall have to wait as well for a secret revealing post!

The long awaited yarn arrived, early in fact. It got here just before my dreaded PS3 midterm, and it took a great deal of self restraint not to rip open the box and go yarn crazy. I didn't manage to get much done on baby things, except find out the due date of my friend's mom's child is June, so there is a due date on that.

But today has held many momentous moments! I reorganized my desk and area in general. It has been a hectic couple of days.

First of all, my beloved other half underwent a rather unfortunate experience, which I was unfortunate enough to be a participant in. It all began while we were cuddled up watching 300, a belated birthday type activity. Partway through the movie, a smelly smell was smelled. We triangulated the source to be his closet. After much moving and searching and sniffing, the ceiling was revealed as the culprit. A small hole next to a fire sprinkler was whooshing out great quantities of rancid, rotten, distinctly deathly smelling (or perhaps cabbage smelling?) air. After spending the rest of the movie in comfort, the scent increased over the next day until it became unbearable. This resulted in him moving into my room for about two days, computer, bed roll and all. While I am very fond of my lovey, it has been a bit much as there were already 3 girls in this very small space and adding in one boy did not help matters.

Anyhoozles, he is back in his place, and I am back in mine, and all of the shifting and shuffling has led to a great re-organizational effort on my part to reincorporate all of my things into the space which is allotted to me. I have realized that I have either too many clothes, or rather, not enough closet space. The distinction may seem infinitesimal to the untrained eye, but having too many clothes is when one owns many garments one does not ever wear, whereas too little closet space is exemplified by my own lovely closet with many wearable outfits that just don't quite fit. So. My desk has been shifted 90 degrees, from the wall to facing the end of the bunk bed in the room, while the bookshelf that once resided in my boyfriend's room has moved to be against the wall horizontally. Zoinks! Everything seems much better and spacier and happier, and I am led to wonder whether the process of moving things around is one that prompts throwing useless old things away.

So clean! So new! Until next time.

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