Friday, March 12, 2010

A Rainy Friday Afternoon

Well, the weather all week has been pleasant and sunny, although a little windy. Today the sky is gray and rain is falling and tapping on the window. I have also been absolutely thrashed all week as far as homework and no time for anything else, so I don't mind the rain as long as I can create a little creative time in the meantime.

Many distracting creative little thoughts have been buzzing through my head all week, trying to get me to stop doing homework for just one moment and try to find this and that pattern, look at yarn sales online (always a mistake, might I add), or just do ANYTHING other than finish homework. Well, now they shall have their due. Last week I was pondering what kind of animals one gives to expectant mothers, and I have had several suggestions and inspirations. The three animals that have drawn my focus are bumblebees, octopi, and whales. Octopi I have made before, but some of my friends say that it will frighten the child once they see what a real octopus looks like. While my argument in return was something along the lines of "well not if they are a really cool child whose parents take them to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and teach them about the wonders of the deep sea", I feel that perhaps it is a valid point. And of course, why not make something I haven't before, as the octopus requires 8 legs which are rather fiddly little things that I don't altogether enjoy. A whale might be particularly appropriate for the baby I have in mind, as his elder brother of 19 years played water polo and did swim team, and his parents' business is water oriented... but I haven't yet found an appropriate or fitting pattern for the size of whale I want to make. All of the patterns are very small, so not safe for a small child. Or, they are far too large for a baby's toy. SIGH. As far as bumble bee patterns, the same things applies, but I have decided to use Lion Brand's reindeer pattern for the body of the bee, and then freestyle the wings. See? Who would ever make a reindeer that looked so bumblebee-like? Preposterous.

As stressful as the week has been, I have made a point of Treating Myself to various things as the week has gone on. I Treated myself to delicious Chicken Tikka Masala and Naan, as well as the scrumptious unlimited tea that comes along with it at one of my favorite restaurants. I bought myself Thai Iced Tea, also scrumptiously sweet, from an on campus minivendor. I splurged a whole 1.00 on a flower, and got a second for free from a kindly flower vendor. Finally, I called my mother after receiving an A on my comparative politics midterm and she was benevolent enough to allow me to get $35 dollars worth of yarn from JoAnn online!!! This victory was made only sweeter by the fact that I found a coupon on for free shipping for purchases of $35 or more! *happy dancing* I swear, my boyfriend will go insane if I tell him about it one more time. It's due to arrive next Thursday, the 18th, which is perfect because I am planning to go home for a couple of days since it is Spring Break!

Well. The afternoon is slipping away, and I must be off. Toodleoo!

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