Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Rushed and Windy Day

The weather today was nice, from inside. It was a lovely blue sky out the window. Outside itself was as tempermental as ever, with biting winds slinking through fabric to scorch skin with cold. And, it rained while the sun was blasting brightness into my eyes. How is this possible? I don't know. There was no rainbow.

All in all, today and yesterday have been alright. I have managed to get most of my homework done in a somewhat timely fashion. However, there has been precious little quality self, friend, or boyfriend time. Everything is a mad rush of homework, staying in touch with friends from home, working on this or that homework, and memorizing vocab. It shows no signs of letting up soon.

On a bright note, I got quite a few hexagons for my crocheted quilt done this weekend, 5 I believe. This number pales in comparison with how many I will need to get a decent sized blanket; about 150. I have 19 right now... This is one of my chronic problems as far as the realm of craftiness goes: lack of follow through. I cannot number all of the projects I have left a quarter done. I have vowed to myself, though, that this blanket WILL happen. I want it. It is not difficult. I just need to be persistent, and it will happen. Excellent. Decision made.

I am also considering a couple of smaller projects. My life is full of pregnant people at the moment (although fortunately all people who are in that time of their life when they have made the conscious decision to bear offspring) and this means lovely lovely BABY PROJECTS! There are just so many things one can do with crocheting, and my heart is tending towards amigurumi. If you don't know what amigurumi are, they are basically little crocheted dolls that are way too popular in Japan, but function nicely as durable, safe, unique, and adorable baby/child gifts. If I had known how to crochet as a very young girl, I would have produced an amigurumi zoo. A quandary approaches, however, with this as with all things. All of the parents have opted out of knowing the child's gender. So, I am not quite sure what to make. I feel that there are certain animals one gives to little girls, and certain animals one gives to boys. Boys get lizards, and dragons, and frogs, and dogs. Girls get cats, and rabbits, and mice, and other cuddly creatures. More pondering on this later, perhaps, as spring break will hopefully be an opportunity to explore such little thoughts further.

More apartment hunting today, but perhaps the most exciting news of this post is: we may have found THE ONE. It is sunny, adorable, safe, not too far, with gorgeous wood floors and pretty arches in all the hall entry ways. I am so enamored of it! We have nicknamed it "Bag End" or alternatively "the Hobbit House" as it is charming and perfect for the three of us. Hopefully we will know firmly by the end of this week if it is ours, although we have it held for us now. All that remains is to sort through the legal paperwork and skulduggery and then, I hope, many happy posts about decorating await. I am already plotting away... posters, decor, a weekly cut flower budget, furniture, knickknacks, brilliant organizational plans, cute calendars, thrift store finds, and all neat and tidy and bright and chic!!! Oh the glory of it all. Now, to wait out the week, with fingers crossed and wishes upon wishes that all will go well.

Also, I have finally completed a long overdue letter to a friend back home, which will be shipped out tomorrow. Overall, an effective if not creatively resplendent day.

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