Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday, Again.

Oh Monday, why are you so horrid!?

Well today was not quite quite so bad. I have been spending my time doing work, lots of it, for the past week. I had a midterm and a Japanese test. Unfortunately, my Japanese test did not go as well as it, perhaps, could have. Fortunately, it is the last one until the final, my lowest grade, and I can drop one test. I am redeemed! We will soon see if it paid off insofar as my other midterm goes...

So this Monday is not bad at all considering the view of the week from here. I can see finals looming in the distance, but there is time yet to sit and play. Well, not quite so much time, perhaps. My super secret project is still underway, and LATE seeing as its recipient's birthday was just the other day. I am sorry lovely! You know who you are. Soon, I promise, all will be revealed.

As far as other projects, I have too many ideas and not enough time. In my spare moments I steal glances at craft blogs of housewives who some how have time to make beautiful and adorable things. How I envy them! I feel so frustrated. I don't know how I have time to hang out with friends, errr make that Boyfriend, for hours doing nothing really, or mucking about on facebook, but not enough time to fulfill my creative urges!? I think the answer has a lot to do with the guilt factor, that if I have time to work on projects of my own then I ought to be doing something more Useful and Productive with my time. This guilt rule does not apply to occasions upon which I am frittering away my time doing useless things on the internet becos as everybody knows when you are on the internet you are rarely being CONSCIOUS about what you are doing. So, rule for living from today on is: be conscious about how one is spending one's time and make time for crafty things. Or Else.


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