Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A post! A post! My kingdom for a post!

A post you shall have, then, screeching inner muses who comment on every random event in my life and remind me that documenting such moments is what this blog is for. Well then! It is the midst of dead week, a week of no class for me, since I am skipping my one review session to pop home for a quick visit. Home you ask? I know, it is all a bit convoluted with my family home, dorm room and now APARTMENT! However, while my family home will likely stay the same for a while, dorm home is soon to be home no longer. Myself and my intrepid room mates signed the lease for our beloved Bag End just on Friday, and Saturday brought lots of cleaning and then Sunday moving. I missed the moving on Sunday thanks to Mr. Sandman, but have quite a bit of my own moving to do on the morrow. Therefore, the day today was spent lugging around huge pieces of furniture, disassembling my bed, etc.

I am so. very. excited. about my furniture. First of all, we are going to have the most fantastic couch in all of the land! It is sage green and feels like it is made of lucsious clouds. I cannot believe that my parents are willing to part with it, but apparently it is too "unstructured" for their tastes, cos they are old and can't get up from it. While I pity their loss, I celebrate my lovely couch even though it is awful to move around without the help of strong young men like my darling dearest whose muscles are just withering as he sits in his chair slaving at essays. But I digress. The rest of my furniture came from a barn on our property, which my father has apparently been filling up with old furniture and oscilloscopes. While at first the jumble is absolutely overwhelming, with some careful treasure hunting I was lucky enough to find a desk, a comfy office chair, a sewing table, a dresser, a lamp, a cool jar, an end table, AND an adorable green metal chef's shelf with adorable wicker baskets and drawers. All of these things are fantastic for several reasons...

The lamp is the cool metal kind whose stem is all bendy so that you can twist it around every which way and it will just stay however you bend it, and is also apparently halogen and thus a fire hazard; live dangerously! The jar is large, glass, and closes with a cork, so it has actual storage potential for sugar or something like that. The comfy office chair is infinitely better than the one I got at Staples, which slants forward in such a way that forces me to maintain perfect posture at all times or else slide onto the floor. The end table looks like it will match our table and chairs, which my roomie S was so kind as to provide, and may even work as a TV stand since it is nice and sturdy. The chef's shelf is perfect, providing room for appliances such as microwave, blender, panini maker, and coffee maker. Incidentally, my parents have also been kind enough to gift me with a new coffeemaker! The dresser is particularly close to my heart as it has a fold up top that can be used for changing babies, and it is where I and my brother were both changed as babies.

The sewing table and desk get their own paragraph for sure. They are beautiful dark wood, and both of them at first appear to be simple tables. HOWEVER! Both of them have fold up sewng machines!!!1!1!1!!!!111 Ahh it is too cool. The sewing machine that was in the sewing table was beautiful as well, black with gold detail, reminiscent of an Egyptian idol. Even more impressively, the sewing table had, in secret little containers on the underside, a place to hold the pedal, sewing machine oil, AND! The original manual and sewing machine oil were in the drawer! It was so unbelievably awesome. While the desk didnt have such nifty little containers, it had a space for the sewing machine, herein known as the Egyptian Beauty, which would probably fit in either the table or the desk, and a little bobbin rack in the drawer! I was oohing and ahhing over this stuff for at least an hour, and still am if you can't tell. The only thing missing is the power cord, which my father assures me he will be able to locate no problem.

But do you even know how to sew? Not yet, is my reply. I have been, however, inspired to at least attempt to learn! This inspiration is partly thanks to Project Runway which I have recently become horribly addicted to, and also the fact that stumble upon keeps directing me to adorable sewing blogs and projects and the like.

Anyway, pip pip and cheerio, pictures to come of the new homey home once we have it all set up.

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