Monday, May 10, 2010

The Secret Post: Revealed!

Now, the alliance of magicians would frown on revealing any magic trick, but this is long overdue. The hints, the coquetting, all of it is at an end now. So, would you like to know?
There he is in all of his smoldering glory! May I present, Mister Fitzwilliam Darcy <3!!! Some more glamour shots of the fellow... "Ready for my close up"
"Take me! Take me!"
So, for this fine fellow I used various colors of Lily Sugar&Cream cotton yarn, and a bit of embroidery thread for the nose. The pattern I used was from Geek Central Station, although it needed just a bit of tweaking for the head. It would have turned out looking like an outright bobble head otherwise, so around row 22 or 23 I just stopped increasing, and did them all just in sc, then proceeded to dec at an appropriate juncture. The jacket was of my own design,  and the pattern goes a little like so:

R1: sc 20
R2: sc 20
R3: sc 20
R4: *sc 4 inc* repeat all around (24 sts)
R5: sc 24
R6: *dc 2, dc 2 in 1 st* (32 sts)
R7: *dc3, dc2 in 1 st* (40 sts)
R8-R10: dc 40 sts, finish off

Yay! Obviously very carefully thought out and not haphazardly thrown together at all! I sewed the arms onto the jacket, then sewed the jacket onto the torso. The hair was my brainchild as well, just a simple round bit of crochet that starts with 6 sts, then inc in each sc to 12 sts, then sc 1 inc 1 to 18 sts and so on until the toupee covers as much of the head as you want it to. (Not really much of a brain child, eh?) I did a bit of embroidering around the hairline and the sideburns so that his mane would look more tousled and less Mr. Collins, but I am not sure it turned out quite how I wanted.

Anyway, best of luck to anyone attempting to craft a twin, because who doesn't want a Darcy to warm their bed at night? Heh.

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  1. Love It! I crochet and would love to make that, but sadly I already have three unfinished projects!