Saturday, June 5, 2010

All in the Golden Afternoon


Well, after my three week vacation at home I am back at school again. I wonder why it is that I feel more like doing constructive creative things when I have other things to do rather than when I can watch three seasons of a new TV show in two days. Well.

I have spent the most wondrous memorial day weekend with my father's clan! First our traditional brunch at a ridiculous restaurant where they have a multitude of treasures on the wall, then our also traditional visit to a lovely garden. Despite my dear brother's disparaging remarks about "people who take pictures of flowers with their bad point and shoot cameras and think that they are photographers", I really loved the flowers there and this is the best way I can think of to share their beauty. Enjoi!

I have to say, this doorway really reminded me of Alice's trip into wonderland
And I fear that I am quite obsessed with these oversized poppies. They ranged from orange, to a light pink, to white, and orange yellow. Scrumptious!
Of course, the rose garden was even more lovely. I took a gazillion pictures, but most of them were blurry and out of focus because I was running around so ecstatically, snapping away heedlessly.
This might be my favorite picture of the day.
Isn't it such a fantastically charming wonderland?

The day was so sunny and hot, quite a change from the recent weather in my hometown (windy, foggy, and generally miserable.) I didn't quite dress for the weather and ended up being quite warm, but it was nice to be really truly warm for once, so overall the day was fantastic! Also had lots of fun with the relations, and this was only the beginning of our flowery art-y totally awesome weekend.

More pictures to come of botanical gardens and awesome impressionist and Japan town-y greatness. Also a few tutorials for some adorable crocheted animals are in the works... just as soon as I find where I wrote down my pattern. I really did write it down somewhere!!

Until next post...

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