Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cooking and Shopping and All Good Things

Well, my last post was briefer than I meant it to be becos it was also supposed to have sundry creative musings from the last few weeks and proud pictures of thrift store finds and home made meals, and etsy wanties too!

So, I have been shopping at a local thrift store in the cellar of a nearby church and it is simply fantastic! Here are some lovelies I have acquired...
This book was actually from the free pile outside. It has a gorgeous red leather cover, and it is a children's reader with excepts from The Wind in the Willows (above) and other stories such as The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis.
These sunglasses were also free, but the little rhinestone in the lens makes me feel so ridiculous that I can hardly bring myself to wear them anywhere people I know will see me... but seeing how clumsy I am with sunglasses I thought it just as well to grab them for backup when I break my favorite ones.
Ooh la la so glamorous. Not the pearls, the case, of course. It isn't real leather, just an old cassette holder that now holds alllll of my flashcards from Japanese. Maybe not so glamorous then...
 Scrumptious sewing and knitting sundries Buttons for 5 cents a piece, 25 cents for stitch holders and thread on a super kewl wooden spool in barbie pink.
10 cent cookbook, apparently belonged to one of the thrift store volunteer's 90 year old mother! Sweet 5 dollar electric mixer.
This is for sure one of my best finds EVER. 25 cents for a brand new gorgeous SIGG water bottle. Shwaaaaa. That is essentially it for the pics of my thrifty finds. I got, on my Saturday trip, a cute vasey cup thing for 25 cents, a brightly colored mug for 10 cents, a 50 cent polka dotted hankerchief, and FINALLY a good grater. The one I have has such small gratey holes that it essentially blenderizes whatever I try to grate. So I am very GRATEful to find such a GRATE thing... (chuckle snort). Today I got a few knives and buttons and a funnel. Really, it is the most awesome place to stock an apartment kitchen on the cheap with sturdy wares that you know will hold you through the most miserable day in chefdom!! Speaking of which, here is documentation of various cooking projects from the last several weeks... mostly delicious.
This is probably the most delicious meal I have cooked, in my opinion. Artichokes, 4 dips, my favorite salmon, and french bread :) . The dips were: garlic-mayo, olive oil & oregano & balsamic vinegar & garlic powder, peanut butter & cider vinegar, and butter & garlic powder. Nom nom nommm...
Really gooooood chicken pot pie! Made it the week before my midterm and it lasted a while, but I never got tired of it.
Zucchini tomato quiche. This was my first go at making quiche, and I was relieved to hear from a bunch of my friends who I forced it upon said that they liked it quite a bit. Happy dance of food making yess.
This dinner was pretty exciting too... Blackberry Sesame Pork Chops:: BROILED! I didn't even know what broiling was, but thanks to the interwebs a quick google revealed that it is cooking food in this crazy secret drawer under the oven that looks like the pits of heck. It was so scary, because all of the websites warned about how easy it is to burn food when broiling. I didn't burn the pork chops! Hurrah for that, but when I was making popovers later I realized that I forgot to take the dripping pan out and it was (and still remains) really gross and burney. Ah well.

I think that is it for the catch-up posting, hopefully more to come soon with etsy wish lists, awesome cupcakey goodness, and.. whittling? I am going to try to update more often with shorter, sweeter posts rather than bloated ones every several weeks. Hope you are all enjoying :: crafts :: cooking :: shopping :: life!

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