Monday, August 16, 2010

Free at last?

After all of the mayhem and scurrying about of last week, I am so so happy to finally be back in my hometown for a few days.  It isn't as long as I would like, but long enough that I can really relax in a place that I can truly feel comfortable. It will not, unfortunately, be all fun. I forgot I had a ton of Economics summer reading I had been putting off...(Free! Free! Fre- oh wait... I still have all of that reading.) but good news abounds! I got a good grade in my impossible summer class, and I finished my finals week crochet project as well.
This, my lovelies, is a crochet hook case. But it is not just ANY crochet hook case. It was crocheted using Tunisian crochet.  Although this was my first encounter with the strange love child of knitting and crocheting, I really got into the swing of it. I think it helped that I was desperate to do anything that didn't require me to think.
I think I made the loops of yarn that go around the buttons a little too short, due to project almost done-ness excitement.
If you look carefully, you can see my painstakingly hand carved hook on the far left!
 So of course, now that I have this snazzy new crochet hook holder to hold all of the crochet hooks I already have, I need to get MORE crochet hooks right? I simply couldn't resist, though, since my local thrift store had a special deal. Each hook or pair of knitting needles was only 50c each! Ah, sweet indulgence.
My favorite one may be the furthest right, a really pale matte pink that is a G hook, I believe. ::Gorgeous::
And then of course, some of the knitting needles looked so perfect that I just had to snap them up too even though I haven't knitted in ages. Maybe I will find some inspiration in these lovely vintage aluminum needles? Crochet just seems so much more versatile at the moment...
In other hooky news, here is a bib I made for a friend's mother's baby. (Who has already been born, but I haven't sent it yet... ehehehe. Never too old to drool, right?)
I probably ought to block it... blerrr. And finally, a preview of things to come!
 Here is my latest WIP: a hat. Stay tuned for updates, since I tend to have a case of chronic hatfail.
Hoo, me? Yes, a pattern is in the works for this adorable little fellow who has been a WIP since May embarrassingly enough. Finally finished though, and soon to be patternized.

Til then :: eat, drink and be merry.

P.S. Check out my treasury lists on Etsy! Etsy is a website for busying and selling handmade and vintage items, and treasuries are collections of similarly themed items. Read: excuses for pottering about on Etsy for far too long.

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  1. Oh what a lovely lovely bib! Is that your own design? Loving the crochet hooks too... I'm new to crochet and own just the one plain metal one but as soon as I get going, I'm going to buy some snazzy coloured ones!