Friday, August 27, 2010

Not Quite Summer

I have been having one of the best days I have had in a while. It is the first day of school here at my dear college, and something quite marvelous has happened. I really really really absolutely and truly LOVE all of my classes! It has been a bit hectic this week, moving back to college home rather than hometown home after only a week of vacay, but there are so many good happy feelings floating around that I wonder my heart is able to take it. I missed so many of my friends so much, and it was fantastic to be reunited with them!

I am taking Statistics, Economics, Japanese Pre-Modern Literature and Culture, and Advanced Japanese... and I only signed up for Japanese Lit last night at 11:30. But it all worked out! I think perhaps I have hit the right balance of math, quasi math, language and writing that is a lot of work but not repetitive or boring. If anything, I would be worried about the statistics, but the teacher is a really funny Indian woman who peppers her lectures with hilarious anecdotes and asides that make it hard to doze off. HURRAH! The only catch is that my 3 finals (not Japanese language) are all on the same day of finals week with only a half an hour break in between, but I can live with that, I think.

The weeks ahead promise lots of productive busyness, including rush this weekend. Yes, the sorority kind. A lot of people who know me personally are sort of surprised when I say it, but I just want to check it out, meet people and have fun! Everyone is smart here, so hopefully I will find people who are like me! Speaking of kindred spirits... I couldn't believe my eyes when I was walking home from an already lovely day, but this is what I saw.
Real live Knit Graffiti in my town! I was so excited, of course I rushed over like a crazy woman to take a bunch of pictures. And I MEAN a bunch of pictures...
It was such a burst of gorgeous color in my day!
If you can't read the address there, I believe it is

Another activity I enjoyed quite a bit which I would like to do more often is: yesterday I finally went to church. While I understand that church is not for everyone, it was such a grounding and encouraging thing for me. The mini youth sermon was all about getting out of our comfort zone, trying new things, being courageous and trusting that even when you don't have it all together things will be alright. It was about experiencing God in new ways, appreciating the fantastic opportunity of going to a really good four year college and getting the most out of our time here, and seeing how beautiful the world is every day. Somehow, it hit all of those points without being cheesy or making me feel guilty, and it was so invigorating and uplifting. It is a reminder now, and throughout the semester that I am a very lucky person to be living where I am, and how I am, crafting and studying and loving life so so much.

On that note, even more things that made my day so so happy::
Gorgeous new school supplies for taking lots and lots of thoughtful notes
New lovely mixing bowls from Target (minus the yellow one becos it was in the sink)
Working on my endless hexagon blanket, which promises to be absolutely preposterously bright
Delicious cereal with a friend
And finally, a bit of ta-dah! Yes, the slouchy hat is complete, and the curse of the hat is broken (for now). I really love it, and would be wearing it lots and lots if it wasn't crazy hot here. The wind and rain and fog will be back soon enough, and I am ready for it. (High fashion bathroom photography provided kindly by my ever patient roomie A.)

I don't know how soon I can promise another pattern, but I really will try. This fantastic yarnbombing project is inspiring me to consider yarn bombing around my apartment, and I have another finished project to show off that must remain secret for the time being. I hope that although it isn't quite summer, these few early weeks before school really gets hectic are a time of happiness for you all as well!

Merry fall-mas to all, and to all a good night!

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