Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Very Lucsious Week!

This week of relaxation is the tops. My very glamorous schedule so far has included::

Monday: Get nails done with and have delicious lunch with (while speaking (broken) Japanese to) one of my dearly missed host sisters from Japan. It was so nice to catch up after what I can't believe has been two years. She also brought me a ridiculous number of awesome presents...

Including: Cute japanese stickers, cute japanese pencils, a scrumptious looking cheese biscuit thingy, candy, really pretty butterfly earrings, and a Japanese mirror! The magazine was a real treat. (Actually there were two of them but the other one is in my room so not pictured here.)

Japanese magazines are jam packed with so much awesome stuff compared to American ones, with fashion and style tips galore, although I am fairly sure I can't get away with most of the hair styles.  The pages are so much bigger, and there are fewer ads too.

Cute tote bags! WANT.

And manga too! It is everything needed for survival. I was so overwhelmed by all of these things, but fortunately I had planned ahead for a present in return...

Here is a picture of her holding my somewhat clumsily crocheted Totoro! The pattern is available here.

Tuesday: Get a fantastic new haircut from my favorite salon including, for the first time in ages, bangs. And I had a really lovely lunch with my Mum, followed by going to the gym. I felt very effective, though tired.

Wednesday: Get a skincare and makeup makeover from my mom's friend who is a Mary Kay beauty representative! I still feel so much more gorgeous and taken care of than I have in absolutely AGES thanks to this morning's lovely makeover. As an early birthday prezzie, my Mom got me a bunch of stuffff! I really haven't been washing my face lately, or taking care of my skin, or putting on make up really... essentially I have been sort of in default sweatpants hag mode. Now I am going into posh sophisticated university woman with an edge mode? Let's hope it stays that way. And now, for econ reading and more work on the hat in progress seems to be what is in store for me...

Until we meet again...

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