Sunday, August 8, 2010

Whittling, Yarnbombing, and Sewing

Salutations! I know that is rather depressingly Charlotte's web of me, but there it is. I can't say that I have been getting up to too much crochet-y mischief lately, but I have been doing some internet craft oohing and ahhing, some sewing, and some... whittling? Here we go.

I know that one should be careful about spending too much time drooling over other people's internetly acheivements but this one is really cool!

Awesome, no? Apparently, this is part of a "subversive crochet" movement called yarn bombing, in which people knit or crochet "tags" or pieces of woven art that they then set free into the world as you see above! Check out to see more awesome pictures and explore the world of yarn bombing. I am quite intrigued, but don't know if I would have the strength of character to put so much time and effort into something, and then leave it at the mercy of the wind, rain, and other people. (Picture above is from

Another hilarious, though controversial, website that I am now hooked on is Regretsy. It is a website which finds the most heinous and ridiculous Etsy products, and cleverly lampoons them. While I understand that some artists (prounounced ar teeeests) are very sensitive about being featured on a website like Regretsy, I think they are weenies and should suck it up and either stand by their art and not care, or admit that what they are selling is ridiculous, and that is part of its appeal. Here is an example of their fine work...

Hilarious. Go check it out! (Images are from Regretsy. com and

And now, on to my own acheivements that have transpired in the interim since my last post. I was struck after stumbling upon A Crochet Ninja with the idea of carving my own crochet hook. It isn't the first time I have ventured into this genre of DIY, but the last one I tried to make ended up unfinished and not very functional. Here is how my latest try has been going:
 I definitely want to do more shaping around the throat of the hook, because the size it is right now makes crocheting very difficult to do quickly and smoothly. I also need to get beeswax finish at the hardware store to make it look really polished and usable.

Adventures in cooking this week include... PIZZA! It turned out alright, and it all got eaten, but I wasn't a huge fan of the dough. It was very yeasty and puffy, while I prefer a more bread flavored thin crust.

Ooh la la! You may remember these napkins from my "The Eagle has Landed" post, but they are napkins no longer!! My friend S and I had a very jolly holiday type day a few weeks ago (yes, that is how late I am updating...) including walking around the Marina, and all the way home, stopping at thrift stores and art stores on the way. Then, to make a really fun day even better, S helped me make my 1 dollar Ikea tea towels into a super cute tote! And when I say helped, I mean she did all of the planning and sewing really, and I cut and sewed next to nothing. But, all is well that ends well because for some odd reason she said I could KEEP the bag. Marvelous. Here are some pictures from the walk...
Well, that is about it for the last couple of weeks of backlogged posts! There are lots more patterns and recipes in the works, never fear. Next week I have a ton of final related work, but after that a week of sweet freedom awaits! Until then, stay crafty my friends.


Song of the week: Mad World, covered by Gary Jules
TV show of the week: Murder, She Wrote (There are 10 seasons on Netflix!!!)

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