Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rectangular Case Pattern

 While for most experienced crocheters this pattern is so basic that it is probably common knowledge, I have recently been completely hooked on these rectangular cases of every shape and size! I made one for my ipod, my itouch, my iclicker (perhaps one of the most evil quiz taking devices ever), and even a pencil case for a friend of mine. The pattern below is the pattern for the ipod case, but the general pattern can be repeated with any number of stitches to make the rectangle longer and such.


Chain 20
R1: SC through back loops

R2: Instead of turning, sc though the remaining front loops to create the base of the case. Join with sl st. Rows from now on can be worked in sc, hdc or dc depending on the texture you want and how quickly you want to finish the project. I used hdc for all of my projects because I liked the texture.

R3-16: Ch 2, hdc around, join with sl st. Repeat for next 13 rows or until the case covers the ipod. Then finish off. Note: If you are going to sew on any cute felt accents etc. and you want it near the bottom I recommend sewing it on before the entire sleeve is done otherwise it will be extremely difficult.


R1: Insert hook one stitch to the left of center on the side of the mouth of the case you want to be the back. YO, pull through. 1 loop on hook. YO again and pull through loop on hook. Sc in next 2 sts, ch 1 and turn.

R2-R4: Sc in each st, chain 1, turn.

R5: Sc in st and finish off.
Sew a button on 2 rows down from the top of the front side of the case or wherever suits your fancy. 

This one my friend actually commissioned from me. Paid for crafting, who would've thought?

Here is the iclicker case! I started with chain 8 and did 25 rows.

The itouch case was chain 9, then crochet about 16 rows.

This one was chain 30, then 11 rows high. I was really excited because this was the first thing I have ever made with a zipper. And, perhaps more importantly, the zipper worked and everything. This one was also for the angry cat ipod case guy. 

Happy Crafting!


  1. Hey thanks for this - I'm brand new to crochet so this definitely wasn't obvious to me!

  2. Thank you very much! Just what I needed. :)