Monday, November 1, 2010

Moments in Time

San Francisco near the Ferry Building

It feels like moments these days don't last as long as they used to. Winter is here, at least in Berkeley, as heralded by weekly showers and a brisk wind on some days. My midterms have been flying fast and furious, and I have not one, but two very important essays to write this week. Yikes! But amid all the chaos and mad panic of deadline after deadline, there are some really beautiful moments that I have been meaning to share from the month of October. So here they are.

A surprisingly thoughtful gift from my boyfriend a while back... apparently he just had it "laying around" 

New yarn from Michael's, courtesy of boyfriend's mom's car

Lunchtime! Brioche Pain Perdu (leftovers from breakfast at fancy french restaurant), ham,  fresh 
raspberries, and super delicious instant coffee

Sunflowers from my boy.

In case you were wondering... my bathroom has the best light. 
I promise that there is an even wordier, newsier post on its way regarding my doings and FO's of the month of October... but for now this will suffice. My Japanese grammar homework calls to me with its eeeeevil urgency, and so I bid you goodnight.

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