Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finally Christmas!

Isn't this dog's knitted get up cute? He looks just like ravelry's mascot Bob too!

Once again, it has been far too long since my last post. But I am DONE with finals, and so ready to take a break. I have been working like mad to finish all sorts of crocheted goodies for my friends before we all left to our respective homes, and sadly enough I didn't manage to take pictures of them in my haste to get everything out on time. Hopefully I can coax my friends to let my take some pictures of the goods later, but for now I will just approximate.

For a video game player who I know, a pair of fingerless gloves to keep his hands warm at night when they are frantically hotkeying at a cold keyboard... (These are actually a pair I made my boyfriend, but the ones I just made are pretty much the same. But in black.)

For a science fiction aficionado, a Jayne Cobb lookalike hat from the short though sweet show Firefly...

Picture from www.worstedwitch.com
For my stylish headband wearing friend, a version of crochetme's winter headband pattern (ravelry link) in a Lily Sugar and Cream self striping blue, purple, yellow, white yarn.

Photo from crochetme
And for a lover of primates and cute animals in general, a sock monkey hat. Which... due to my slow sewing abilities does not yet possess eyes. But it will! I promise!

Image from coffeecupthoughts
So, hurrah for lots and lots of things that I made! It really is so fun to make things for people, it is the absolute best thing ever. Especially when they accept something that didn't turn out quite perfect just the way you wanted and they love it anyway. I love you guys <3

On the theme of making lots of things... I got a bunch of yarn for my birthday! It was so heavenly to walk around Jo-ann fabrics and just pick out whatever I wanted... and now I have such a wealth of yarn that I can hardly contain my excitement. I have started another project since I came home that I have been dying to try for a while...

SOCKS! I tried making socks with regular worsted weight yarn and they came out so awkwardly that I ended up caving and buying a bunch of sock yarn on my aforementioned birthday yarn splurge. I also tried knitting again, with the misbegotten idea that it would be super easy and there was no reason that I stopped knitting in the first place. Which, unfortunately, is quite false indeed. I just can't deal with how difficult it is to go back and fix mistakes on knitting. As soon as the stitches slip off of the needle, I am done for, as my carefully knitted and occasionally and incorrectly purled slip of knit dissolves into tangles of yarn. Thankfully crocheting is superfantasticallyawesome because it is so so so easy to count stitches and go back and figure out what the heck you are doing. I still dream of knitting socks some day as I stare at vegancraftastic's many gorgeous and apparently fun and easy knitted socks, but for now I will stick to the hooks I know so well. 

Also... I have some *very exciting news*! Perhaps I should have put this at the top but, my adorable owl pattern is being sort of featured in a UK Let's Knit magazine online article! When I say featured what I really mean is that this picture that I took of it (squee!!) is in the article representing an example of a free pattern available through freeamigurumipatterns.blogspot.com . I really believe in free patterns and sharing ideas and inspiration with everybody who wants to pick up yarn and try something out, so I am super happy! The article won't be out until February but I will hunt it down and link to it when it comes out! I also have a new pattern in the works that I am really excited about, of this little guy.

Isn't he just darling? I will try and get it together sooon but given my posting speed it won't be til after Christmas. In a brief aside, I have lost a couple followers over the last few days and it makes me sad. I know that I don't update very often and my pictures are rarely the colorful explosion that other crafty blogs offer, but I really try to make every post up to certain standards of my own, which is why I don't post more. Plus, I am a college student rather than a stay at home mom like most craft blog authors. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to those of you who stick around and read my novel length twice a month blog posts, because you guys rock.

Merry Christmas everybody!