Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boot Lust

Hello everyone!!

I know, two posts in a week may seem a bit excessive but I really am trying to just follow my little bits of inspiration all the way through to the publish post button. Last week was pouring rain, and this week is cold and windy, so naturally I am thinking of boots. I actually don't own a pair of leather boots. I have ill fitting target rain boots, and that is about it.

So I went searching for some boots. And fell in love.


These lovelies are based on jump boots worn by WWII paratroopers, made from real leather, and handcrafted in the USA. They are also about $300. Yikes! But I still love them. I shall just abstain from actually owning them. *Sigh*. Fortunately, I have an open heart if not an open wallet, and managed to fall yet again...

 ... for these beauties. And they just so happen to be on sale! But how much is it really going to rain? And will they fit me if I order them online? Hmmm... I am still debating. 

The problem with internet shopping is that there are just too many options.

In craftier news, I have been very much occupied with a fantastical super awesome ravelry geek swap which is all about your favorite books! I am so excited to be finishing up my hand-made item(s?) and sending it off to my dear spoilee, but of course I cannot post pictures as it would utterly spoil the surprise. I have, in the meantime, done a couple of other little things...

... like this cute little pig pattern! I whipped one up for my friend's birthday, from this pattern. Even more excitingly, although I failed to take pictures of le petit porcine pre-presentification, the recipient is a talented photographer and may use her awesome skills upon my humble yarny creation.

More exciting projects that I am just itching to get my hooks into (hehe) include some simple coffee cup cozies and a ::gorgeous:: tea pot cozy, yarn funded by the commissioner!

So hurrah for awesome projects, past, present and future! I can't wait to post pictures of the scrumptious navy yarn that was picked out for this cozy, as well as all of my swap labors and mini projects. 

Hope everyone is well. Happy crafting!

Note: None of the photos in this post were taken by me, and clicking on the photo leads to the respective source links of each.

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  1. I ran into the paratrooper boot, too, upon my online travels. I need to replace my 10-year old $259 Fluevog Derby Swirls. (Check out Fluevog if you haven't and see what you think.)
    In the interim, my wallet also said that I had to settle on a boring run-of-the-mill military surplus black steel-toe boot.
    I do like Keen and have a pair of their summer sandals, and they once had a nice-looking boot, but it may have been discontinued.