Friday, August 16, 2013

Obsessed with Amineko

Last summer, I started with a glowing post about how excited I was to finally have time to blog, to really expand creatively... that was over two years ago. So go the best laid plans of mice and men. In that time so much has happened. But, never fear! I may have new yarn, new goals, and new projects, but I still have the same old love for adorable crocheted things. On that note, AMINEKO. Note: I did not make these... yet.
Recently I have become quite enamored of these whimsical little cats. Known as amineko, originating from the mashing together of the japanese words for crocheted animals (amigurumi) and cats (neko), this particular pattern has become enormously popular on craft blogs of all shapes and sizes. They are positively ubiquitous, which is excellent, since they provide the perfect subject for all sorts of cute posed craft photos that I spend hours of my day looking at.. hehehe.

I have started a couple but I never ever ever get past the head and body! On that note... expect a related completed project post soon!

An amazing thing that I discovered is the Hjartekatten project!

This program accepts donated cats from the Amineko pattern (although it has expanded significantly to include Amigurumi of many shapes and sizes). The cats are then given to children who experience heart surgery so that they have a friend who helps them feel like they are not too different and they have someone that they can share with! You can send along a name with them, although there's no guarantee that it will stick, so choose wisely!

Sooooo cuuuuuuuute!!!! You can also make 'sibling animals' for the siblings of children who experience heart surgery, so that they feel included and loved just as much as their sick sibling, who might get a lot of the time and worry of the parents, which I think is incredibly thoughtful. 

Maybe eventually I will get around to finishing one of these cuties.. until then I can dream! Here is the Amineko pattern for those of you more goal directed than I. 

Until next time!

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