Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Crafts in the Interim

In the million billion years between when I posted, I was actually still crafting away! Here are some of my finished projects from the past two years.

1. Little Gifts!

So, two years ago when I became a "Big Sister" in my house, as is the tradition, I set my sights on making the very very best crafty gifts for my new "Little Sister". We all received certain materials: a glass vase from ikea, a cardboard box for their mailbox, and then about $10.00 that we would be reimbursed for. 

I decided that for my vase, I would use Modge Podge and this star punch that I got at the dollar store to create a stained glass effect like the picture below.

I was so excited when I had finished the hours of sticky star placement and coats of Modge Podge that I failed to take a final picture.. but use your imagination and it is probably not too hard to guess what it looked like.

My trip to the dollar store also yielded a couple of gems- a small notebook and a metal bucket I thought would be perfect as a pen pail! But they were boring and plain, so I decided to pull out the Modge Podge once again. My Little said that she liked Le Petit Prince, one of my favorite stories, and I thought that would be such a cute theme to use to decorate the pail and notebook. 

Last but not least, the mail box! She liked Pride and Prejudice, and I went pretty gung-ho. 

Oh Mr. Darcy... *swoon*

2. Bracelets

One day, I got the urge to create a number of stackable bracelets... and turned to pinterest for my fix!
My only complaint about this bracelet is that hex nuts aren't all that much cheaper than just buying stuff from Forever21. I am all about making stuff when it is cheaper than buying it, but as fun as this was, I rarely wear this specific bracelet. 

This one I made up myself by simply braiding cord together and braiding beads into the center. 

I gave it to my mom :)

These bracelets were the easiest and cheapest to make and I really like them!

3. Ami Doll

I made this as a birthday gift for a family friend. I winged the pattern and didn't write it down sadly :(

4. Teaching Crochet!

For six weeks this summer I worked grueling 11 hour days as a camp counselor. It was a lot of fun, but also incredibly exhausting. I was privileged enough to work in themed classrooms emphasizing art, cooking and sewing throughout the summer, but my favorite part was teaching crochet! I brought all of my hoarded hooks and yarn to camp and they finally got some use for once! The blue cupcake on the left is one (mostly) made by a darling boy camper much to my glee! He was so enthusiastic about learning to crochet, and especially learning to work in the round so that he could make things from the Amigurumi books I had also brought to camp! When he was done he insisted that we take a picture of our cupcakes together. I made my pink and brown one to serve as a pincushion, but all the kids were sad it had no cute face like the ones in the book. Oh, children. I can't believe I was able to teach the basics to between 7 and 15 campers... especially because I had to teach myself! Paying it forward feels amazing.

Anyway, that is all for now, but hopefully expect more posts soon! I have all the thoughts and pictures and everything all ready and just waiting for me to spend some time on them all.

Until next time!